PE and Sport Funding

PE and Sport Funding 2017/2018


The government is providing additional funding for the academic year 2017-18 to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools.

The primary PE and sport premium 2017-2018 (“the premium”) will be paid by the Secretary of State for Education (“Secretary of State”) to the local authority (“authority”). The authority will then distribute the premium to maintained schools in its area.

How the allocation will be spent in 2017-18

Lambton Primary School have been allocated £18,190 To increase the PE and sports offered at the school, as part of the PE and sports funding initiative from the Government.

As a result of the evaluation of previous spending (2016-17), we have decided to spend the allocation for 2017-18 in the following ways:

  • To provide existing staff with training or resources to help them teach PE and sport more effectively, including the purchase of new schemes for dance and new OAA resources
  • To increase the participation in competitive sports through continued involvement in cluster school festivals, with the local feeder secondary school.
  • To continue to encourage pupils to engage in lunchtime activities and therefore increase the number of pupils involved in PE activities during the lunch break.
  • To continue the provision of an “Active Breakfast” club. This will create the opportunity for children to participate in a physical activity before school.
  • To continue to vary and increase the amount of physical activities available after school for pupils and introduce new sports or activities to encourage more pupils to take up sport. E.g. archery.
  • To offer children who are pupil premium access to after school clubs.
  • To provide activities during golden time to increase participation in physical activities.
  • To run a ‘School Games’ event once a year.
  • To improve outdoor PE provision.

How we ensure that the impact of the PE and sport premium is sustainable

Specialist sport coaches are deployed alongside class teachers, and this improves the knowledge and proficiency of existing teachers. Our Games Mentors (Year 5 and 6) attend sports leaders’ courses and, before they leave the school, train younger pupils to continue the work, e.g. Lambton Gym. An after-school sport club has substituted frequently played sports with specialist sports, e.g. archery. A 50 km incremental run has been added to the sport schedule. This takes place in early summer and is overseen by school staff. A Fitness4Life club ensures children are engaged, challenged, and rewarded, while improving their fitness and health. This club is managed by a class teacher. Following continuing professional development, the Active Breakfast Club can be administered by a member of existing staff.

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