Scooter Fun

Scooter Fun for Year 2

Dr Bike (Mark O’Keeffe, Sustrans’ Bike It Officer, Sunderland) will be visiting Lambton Primary school on the afternoon of Tuesday 15th October, running fun scooter sessions for Year 2 pupils.

The sessions are designed to be relaxed and inclusive rather than competitive. There will be a brief exercise at the start to check and practise foot or hand braking, and this is the only compulsory activity. After that, pupils will be able to participate in any of the activities they want to enjoy and skip those they do not fancy.

There will be two sessions, each of about 45 minutes’ duration run in the school playground. Activities will include scooter games, an obstacle course and possibly a surprise relay race.

Numbers for each session will be limited to 15 pupils per session.

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