Stabilizer-Free Day

Today, 18th December, we held a stabilizer-free day in school. The children in Year1, with the help of Dr Bike, some Sustrans volunteers, parents, Mrs Dyson and Miss Postill learnt how to ride their bikes without stabilizers. It was a great achievement, and Dr Bike was so pleased with the way the children persevered to reach their goal.

The parents said, ‘It was a great idea as we don’t have time to teach our children.’

‘I couldn’t have managed to do this myself.’

‘Dr Bike and his team were excellent at teaching balancing without pedals.’

‘It was great fun for the kids.’

‘It was lovely to see my child grow in confidence.’

The children said, ‘It was the best thing ever.’

‘I’m going to keep trying.’

‘It was cold but FUN.’

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