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Behaviour Policy


At Lambton Primary School, we encourage children to develop self-discipline, understand the need for self-control and show consideration for the property, well-being, safety and security of others.

In order to achieve this, we expect children to follow our school Code of Conduct which is ‘In our school, we all have

  1. The right to learn
  2. The right to be safe
  3. The right to be treated with fairness and respect
  4. The right to be listened to'

Pupils are rewarded in school for following the code of conduct. This may be a word of praise, a sticker, dojo points, class reward or school reward. There are regular reward assemblies, where pupils are praised and receive recognition for their achievements. 

We encourage pupils who do not follow the code of conduct to consider the effects of their actions through the warning system, and where appropriate consequences, including the loss of privileges (playtime). In more serious cases or where there is a series of events, parents will be informed and asked to work alongside the school to make sure that behaviour improves.

The school will involve outside agencies to support children where necessary.

In addition to the school behaviour policy, there is also an anti-bullying policy. This policy sets out procedures for dealing with incidents of bullying that may happen in school. 

Use of reasonable force: governors and staff have adopted this guidance from DfE (14.9.23).

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