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British Values

British Values

The promotion of British values at Lambton Primary School

The definition of British values was set out by the government in the Prevent Strategy (2011). At Lambton Primary School, we promote these values through our spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) education which permeates our curriculum and supports the development of the ‘whole child’.

Schools are expected to focus on and be able to indicate how their work with children is effective in embedding fundamental British values. The Department for Education’s definition of British values are as follows:


  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Mutual respect
  • Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs


Children at Lambton Primary School will encounter and display these values throughout their school life. The curriculum is mapped in detail across the whole school. Listed below are some examples of how we promote these values in our school community:


Pupil voice is significant to school life at Lambton Primary School. Our pupil-elected school council plays a strong role in our school. Elected by their class peers, school councillors are involved in creating a safe and welcoming learning environment

Pupil voice is an important aspect of children’s lives at our school:

pupils represent their peers, are involved in anti-bullying strategies, organize social events, and select sport equipment to purchase.

Pupils have actively developed their own activities through ‘Lambton Gym’; this has developed peer mentoring and coaching during break times and lunchtimes and encourages the children to have a voice.

Pupil questionnaires are used throughout the year. We know that the formation of the school council and the active participation of our children will sow the seeds for a more sophisticated understanding of democracy in the future.

The Rule of Law

Our children will encounter rules and laws throughout their entire lives. We want our children to understand that whether these laws govern the class, the school, the neighbourhood or the country, they are set for good reasons and must be adhered to. This understanding of the importance of rules will be consistently reinforced through assemblies and our curriculum and in everyday life at Lambton Primary School. The involvement of our children in the creation of the school rights, Lambton four rights, helps them to understand the reasons behind the rules and the consequences if they are broken.

We encourage pupils to take responsibility for their actions. Lambton pupils have a sound understanding of the warnings systems and the consequences of their actions, and at the heart of this are the four rights. Throughout the year, we welcome visits from members of the wider community, including police, lifeguards, the fire brigade and many more. We visit the local Safety Works to enhance the children’s knowledge. We believe that clear explanations and real-life stories emphasize the importance of the rule of law for our children.

Individual Liberty

We invest a great deal of time in creating a positive culture in our school, so that children are in a safe environment where choices and freedoms are encouraged. In lessons, learning tasks are often left for the child to decide upon, but match their needs. We encourage children to choose the task that will challenge them, giving them more freedom to determine their own learning. We offer a range of clubs, which pupils have the freedom to choose from, based on their interests. Through our E-Safety, PSHE and RE, we educate children on their rights and personal freedoms as well as supporting them in recognizing how to exercise these freedoms safely. We support others by participating in local community and charity events, such as Red Nose Day/Children in Need/Remembrance collections.

We have strong links with local organizations and community groups. At Lambton Primary School, we believe that valuing choice and freedom in daily school life will foster a value for individual liberty as the children embark upon their adult lives. Moreover, such freedom and choice will boost and nurture a positive self-esteem.

Mutual respect

Mutual respect is at the core of our school life. Both staff and pupils have mutual respect, and this is evident in everyday life. Children learn to treat each other and staff with great respect. This is evident when walking around our school and in the classrooms. Many visitors to school comment on this when visiting our school, and this is consistently reinforced and celebrated. We promote each child’s inclusion where possible in a range of activities, settings and locations. As children move through the school, they have opportunities to go into the community to meet with a range of people in a variety of ways, e.g. sports events, community events and cluster work with local schools. We see it as important for us to facilitate opportunities for schools to be part of the local, national and global communities. Children, families and staff have much to offer in the development of community cohesion.

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

At Lambton Primary School, we serve a multi-faith community where each person is respected and valued equally without regard to ability, gender, sexual orientation, faith, heritage or race. We offer a culturally rich and diverse curriculum in which all major religions are studied and respected. Cultural appreciation and development forms part of the curriculum, e.g. creative and themed weeks. We place great emphasis on providing encounters and participation in events and celebrations to broaden children’s experience and awareness of others. We strongly believe that tolerance is gained through knowledge and understanding. Through our curriculum and the routines of our daily school life, we strive to demonstrate tolerance and help children to become knowledgeable and understanding citizens who can build a better Britain for the future. Assemblies help all children find out about themselves and others, linking themselves to the communities in which we belong. Children are encouraged to experience British cultures through curriculum themes and special weeks. The staff at Lambton Primary School works closely with parents, carers and other professionals to ensure children are happy, well cared for and are able to learn the skills they require to live a fulfilling life as part of their school and community.

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