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Charging and Remissions

Charging and Remittance Policy

(In conjunction with May 2018 DfE Guidance charging for school activities) 


The Education Reform Act 1988 requires that the Governors of Lambton  Primary School adopt a charging and remission policy in respect of activities which take place within school time as determined by the Act.

 At Lambton Primary School we believe that activities organised by the school, as part of the children’s education should be available to all children regardless of parents financial circumstances.  No child will ever be excluded from an activity for non-payment of a contribution, though there could be occasion when an activity may need to be cancelled if there is a significant shortfall overall.

Voluntary Contributions

In order to enrich and enhance the curriculum, activities may be organised for which the school will request contributions from parents or carers.  All such requests will be made in writing setting out the reason for the request.  All such charges will not exceed the cost of the activity apportioned equally amongst those participating.

In respect of voluntary contributions the school will take account of the following factors:

  • The need for long term planning so that parents receive adequate notice for a request for a voluntary contribution before the booking has been made
  • The availability of other sources of funding to subsidise the activity
  • Any parent who is unable to meet the cost of the voluntary contribution is asked to approach the Headteacher in confidence, either in writing or in person so that special arrangements can be made.
  • Parents have a right to know how each trip or event is funded and the school will provide this information on request.


Voluntary contribution may be requested for the following activities


1)    Visiting groups and Special Curriculum Events.

In relation to planned activities during the school day and as part of the curriculum, e.g. artist in residence, musicians, authors, etc. no payment will be requested.


2)    Off-Site Activities

It will be necessary to ask parents to make a voluntary contribution for off-site activities that require transport and entry costs to ensure the activity takes place, however the school will be providing funding to subsidise the cost.  Payment for such activities will be made prior to the event and the cost will vary depending on the cost of transport and entry.  Parents may pay for these trips either in one payment, or they may spread the cost over several weeks.  Any parent wishing to do this should ask at the school office.

3)    Fixed-Cost Activities

Payment is required for the following activities:

  • Music Tuition - In accordance with the charges for music tuition (England) Regulation 2007

        Music taught as part of the national curriculum and for this there is no charge. However, pupils may receive additional instrumental tuition arranged by the school with the Schools Music Service.  The cost of this tuition is paid for by parents.  Parents will be informed of the costs before they agree to their child beginning the lessons.  The hire or purchase of musical instruments must also be fully funded by parents.

  • Breakages

      The school may ask parents to pay for deliberate damage to school property or equipment.


Community Room Letting Charges

  •           Any use of the community room for lettings by Community as a whole i.e Scouts may be charged and reviewed annually.
  •           Charges are made for use of room and hall, transfer of control agreements reviewed  annually.


Nursery/Wrap around

              Charges may be made for wraparound care to cover staffing costs during lunchtime.


Review date September 2020 

Next review date: autumn 2021

Person in charge: Head Teacher

Ratified by Governors : 16.09.20