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RSE Policy

Relationships, Sex and Health Education


Our school’s policy on sex and relationship education is based on the DfE document  Relationships Education, Relationships and Sex Education and Health Education (DfE,  2019). We recognise Sex and Relationship Education as the policy’s full title, but for  brevity’s sake we will refer in the rest of this policy simply to RSE . RSE is part of the  personal, social and health education (PSHE) curriculum in our school.  

We recognise that as a school we have a responsibility under The Relationships  Education, Relationship & Sex Education and Health Education (England) Regulations  2019, made under sections 34 & 35 of the Children & Social Work Act 2017, to provide  comprehensive Relationship Education and Health Education for all pupils receiving  primary education. Primary schools are also required to teach the elements of sex  education contained in the science curriculum.  

In the DfE document, relationships education in primary schools is defined as ‘teaching  the fundamental building blocks and characteristics of positive relationships, with  particular reference to friendships, family relationships, and relationships with other  children and with adults’. 

When we inform our pupils through sex education about sexual issues, we do this with  regard to morality and individual responsibility, and in a way that allows children to  ask and explore moral questions. We do not use RSE as a means of promoting any  form of sexual orientation. 


RSE is about the emotional, social and cultural development of pupils, and involves  learning about relationships, sexual health, sexuality, healthy lifestyles, Aims and objectives 

The aims of sex and relationships education (RSE) at our school are to

● provide a framework in which sensitive discussions can take place

● prepare pupils for puberty, and give them an understanding of sexual  development and the importance of health and hygiene 

● help pupils develop feelings of self-respect, confidence and empathy

● create a positive culture around issues of sexuality and relationships

● teach pupils the correct vocabulary to describe themselves and their bodies

● safeguarding, and what they should do if they are worried about any  situations that make them feel uncomfortable 


RSE Policy

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